Restaurants have stepped up in many ways in recent years. Digital marketing is now integral to a restaurant’s success. But standing out amidst the fierce competition online gets more challenging by the day. As the restaurant business gets more crowded, restaurateurs have to find new ways of staying ahead of the game.

Marketing is all about knowing how and where you reach customers. In light of this, restaurateurs have to be wary of the industry trends and act accordingly. That said, here are some top trends to watch in restaurant marketing.

Close to Restaurants Advertise on Social Media

Restaurateurs are now coming to terms with the potential offered by social media. While some restaurants publish their content just like other users, perceptive restaurateurs now opt to use the pay-to-advertise feature while marketing on social media. Statistics have it that close to 70% of restaurants using social media advertising. This trend is inspired by the fact that social media gives you access to a large customer base, it is easy to use, and it is mainly cost-effective.

Facebook is Still King

It is a known fact that Facebook’s Instagram has been surging in popularity. However, Facebook remains at the helm as the most popular social media platform used by restaurant owners. You might be surprised to realise that restaurants prefer using Facebook to having a website, mainly because of its effectiveness in reaching a broader market.

Online Reviews Are a Great Influence

As noted, social media plays a vital role in influencing guest decisions. Since most restaurants offer similar experiences, most people looking for an eatery rely on reviews when choosing between competing eateries. With close to 40% of restaurant customers saying that customer reviews had a chance in their choices, it is evident that reviews can make or break a restaurant business.

Every restaurateur should pay attention to restaurant marketing trends. While some people prefer being unique, digital marketing is all about keeping up with the trends. And if possible, you can always be a pacesetter by jumping into marketing trends earlier than your competitors. Therefore, it is imperative to invest in digital marketing. As much as you might be able to keep up with these trends, make sure that you map your marketing strategy, timelines, and budgets.

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